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Best Passers in Football History

Passing might be one of the most fundamental abilities in football, yet few have aced the craftsmanship.

We’re not simply discussing players who get every one of the helps, however the larger part on this rundown fill that classification at any rate. We’re taking a gander at players who have idealized each part of passing, for example, precision, weight and timing. Regardless of whether it be flicks, crosses, long-extend throws or through-balls, these players can do everything.

Here and there these players control the rhythm, different occasions they are entrusted with giving the executioner pass. Once in a while both.

We’re taking a gander at players who are fit for that first class, executioner pass all the time.

These players demonstrate the most complete degree of ability in this part of the game, so how about we investigate the 10 best passers in World Football.

Who is the best passer in football?

Xavi. 11 of 11. Xavi, the man who finished 100 percent of his goes in one game, best our rundown.

Andrea Pirlo. 10 of 11. …

Juan Roman Riquelme. 9 of 11. …

Xabi Alonso. 8 of 11. …

Andres Iniesta. 7 of 11. …

Mesut Ozil. 6 of 11. …

Cesc Fabregas. 5 of 11. …

Lionel Messi. 4 of 11. .

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