I’m happy to open my wallet: Fiorentina owner Commisso

I’m happy to open my wallet: Fiorentina owner Commisso

Football News-I’m happy to open my wallet: Fiorentina owner Commisso

Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso says he’s accountable for the club to win trophies. Latest Football News

The Viola have invited new marking Franck Ribery this week.

“Mediacom was established in 1995 and I trust it brings Fiorentina good karma,” said Commisso. Latest Football News

“We need to put resources into the most delightful city on the planet and at a group who haven’t done very well as of late.

“Mediacom is currently the fifth biggest link organization in the US, yet it wasn’t care for that toward the start. Latest Football News

“I likewise trust Fiorentina advantage from that, however I need time. I won’t state how much the sponsorship is worth, however it’s a multi-million arrangement.

“I’ve opened my wallet and they’re utilizing it! We have 24,000 season-ticket holders. We want to surpass 25,000, however it’s as yet an extraordinary achievement.

“I thank everybody for the friendship they’ gave me since the very first moment. They’ve mellowed me and when I came back to New York, I said I needed to accomplish something significant for Fiorentina.

“I met Ribery and Boateng at a lodging. Without my better half I wouldn’t be in Florence, similarly as theirs were significant in their decisions.

“We’ve worked admirably to revamp the group. I said we could lose on the field, however while buckling down and giving our best like I used to do as a player.”

He included: “I need to be in contact with Fiorentina consistently. I didn’t get them as an interest or for business, yet rather out of energy and obligation towards the fans.

“I need to contribute and win things, else I wouldn’t be here.” Latest Football News


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