60 Celebrities Who Have Died By Suicide

60 Celebrities Who Have Died By Suicide

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People Who Died By Suicide

The annual age-adjusted suicide rate is 13.42 per 100,000 individuals. Men die by suicide 3.53x more often than women. On average, there are 123 suicides per day. White males accounted for 7 of 10 suicides in 2016.

Actor and comedian Robin Williams hanged himself in 2014.

Approximately 0.5% to 1.4% of people die by suicide, a mortality rate of 11.6 per 100,000 persons per year. Suicide resulted in 842,000 deaths in 2013 up from 712,000 deaths in 1990. Rates of suicide have increased by 60% from the 1960s to 2012, with these increases seen primarily in the developing world. Famous American Suicides

Famous Suicides

Chester Charles Bennington (March 20, 1976 – July 20, 2017) was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. He was best known as the lead vocalist for Linkin Park. He was also lead vocalist for the bands Dead by Sunrise, Grey Daze, and Stone Temple Pilots.

Death of Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe died of a barbiturate overdose late in the evening of Saturday, August 4, 1962, at her 12305 Fifth Helena Drive home in Los Angeles, California. Her body was discovered before dawn on Sunday, August 5

Teare gave the cause of death as: “Inhalation of vomit due to barbiturate intoxication.” He did not attempt to determine Hendrix’s time of death. Thurston began an inquest on September 23, and on September 28 he concluded that Hendrix had aspirated his own vomit and died of asphyxia while intoxicated with barbiturates. Famous American Suicides

List Of Suicides

Chris Acland (1996), English drummer for the band Lush, hanging

Craftsmanship Acord (1931), American entertainer and rodeo champion, ingestion of poison

Manuel Acuña (1873), Mexican artist, ingestion of potassium cyanide

Marian “Clover” Hooper Adams (1885), American socialite and picture taker, potassium cyanide

George Washington Adams (1829), American legislator, legal counselor and oldest child of John Quincy Adams, suffocating in the Long Island Sound

Robert Adams, Jr. (1906), Congressman from Pennsylvania, gunshot

Stephanie Adams (2018), American previous allure model, known as the November 1992 Playboy Playmate, hop from a 25th floor window with her 7-year-old son

Stuart Adamson (2001), Scottish guitarist and artist (Big Country, Skids), hanging after liquor ingestion

Vibulenus Agrippa (36 AD), Roman equestrian, poison

Ahn Jae-hwan (2008), South Korean entertainer, carbon monoxide poisoning

Aizong of Jin (1234), Chinese head of the Jin dynasty

Chantal Akerman (2015), Belgian movie director

Sergey Akhromeyev (1991), Marshal of the Soviet Union, hanging

Stephen Akinmurele (1999), British speculated sequential executioner, hanging

Ryūnosuke Akutagawa (1927), Japanese author, overdose of barbital

Marwan al-Shehhi (2001), United Arab Emirate individual from Al-Qaeda, and one of the 9/11 ruffians, plane crash

Alcetas (320 BC), Hellenic general of Alexander the Great

Leandro Alem (1896), Argentine legislator, author of the Radical Civic Union, discharge to the head

Alexander (220 BC), Seleucid satrap of Persis

Ross Alexander (1937), American entertainer, shot to the head

Sovereign Alfred of Edinburgh (1899), individual from the British Royal Family, gunshot

Leelah Alcorn (2014), American transgender adolescent, strolled before a truck

Gia Allemand (2013), American entertainer and model, hanging

Nadezhda Alliluyeva (1932), Russian spouse of Joseph Stalin, gunshot[29]

Jeff Alm (1993), American football player, gunshot[30]

Jason Altom (1998), American Ph.D understudy, potassium cyanide

August Ames (2017), Canadian obscene entertainer, hanging

Jean Améry (1978), Austrian author, overdose of resting pills

Amphicrates of Athens (86 BC), Greek critic and rhetorician, starved himself

Desmond Amofah (2019), American YouTuber and computer game streamer known under his alias, bounce from Manhattan Bridge

Korechika Anami (1945), Japanese War Minister, wounded himself as a major aspect of seppuku

Adna Anderson (1889), General, U.S. Military Railroads during the American Civil War, railroad structural designer/director, gunshot

Forrest Howard Anderson (1989), Governor of Montana, gunshot

Keith Andes (2005), American entertainer, asphyxiation

Andragathius (388 AD), Roman general and Magister equitum who killed head Gratian, suffocated in the sea

Andromachus (364 BC). Eleian rangers general

Roger Angleton (1998), American killer, cut himself more than multiple times with a razor]

Publius Rufus Anteius (67 AD), Roman legislator, drank toxic substance and cut his veins

Imprint Antony (30 BC), Roman legislator and general, cut with sword

Marcus Gavius Apicius (before 40 AD), Roman socialite, gourmet and man of incredible riches, poison

Marshall Applewhite (1997), American pioneer of the Heaven’s Gate religious clique, harmed himself as a major aspect of the faction’s mass suicide that year

Araki Yukio (1945), Japanese kamikaze pilot

Arbogast (394 AD), Roman general

Diane Arbus (1971), American picture taker, overdosed on pills and sliced wrists

Archias of Cyprus (somewhere in the range of 158 and 154 BC), Ptolemaic legislative leader of Cyprus, hanging[

Reinaldo Arenas (1990), Cuban-American craftsman and essayist, medication and liquor overdose. Famous American Suicides

José María Arguedas (1969), Peruvian author and artist, gunshot

Pedro Armendáriz (1963), Mexican on-screen character, gunshot. Famous American Suicides

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